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How to Use LinkedIn with the Xobni E-Mail Plug-In

By Joel Elad

LinkedIn + Xobni e-mail plug-in = More precise sender information. If you use Microsoft Outlook or Google’s Gmail for your e-mail and you’re constantly being deluged with e-mail from people you don’t remember well, Xobni may be the tool for you.

Xobni is a plug-in tool (available for Outlook or Gmail) that gives you a window of summary information for each sender of an e-mail you receive. Say that you got an e-mail from Adam Smith, but you can’t remember exactly what Adam does, when and how often Adam e-mails you, and so on. With Xobni, the plug-in window shows you who Adam is and how you interact with him.


Xobni has now integrated LinkedIn information into its plug-in window, so when someone’s summary window is displayed, Xobni displays that person’s employer, job title, and profile photo, and also offers a direct link to the person’s complete profile on LinkedIn. To add this functionality to your Microsoft Outlook program, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Xobni site and download its newest plug-in application setup file.

    The download should start up automatically when you go to the site’s download page.


  2. Run the downloaded file and follow the setup wizard that opens to install Xobni on your system.

    The next time you run Microsoft Outlook, you should see the Xobni plug-in on the right side of your Outlook window.

If you use an e-mail program other than Outlook, there are tools that can help you as well. For example, if you use Google’s Gmail service with Mozilla’s Firefox browser, Google’s Chrome browser, or the popular Safari browser for Mac computers, you can download Smartr for Gmail by repeating the same steps for downloading Xobni for Outlook.