How to Use LinkedIn to Mine for Clients - dummies

How to Use LinkedIn to Mine for Clients

By Joel Elad

It’s a big world out there and LinkedIn is a helpful piece of that puzzle. In terms of clients, you need to ask yourself who you’re looking for. Is everyone a potential client, or do you have a specific demographic in mind? A specific skill set? Maybe you’ve written the greatest plug-in tool for accountants in the financial services industry, and you want to sell this tool directly to users.

With LinkedIn, you can conduct a search to find people who match your criteria. Then after you locate those people, it’s up to you to approach them and close the sale.

Before you start your search, ask yourself some questions that can help you with generating your leads:

  • Are you looking for people with a specific title or in a particular industry?

  • Are you looking for high-net-worth or well-connected donors for your nonprofit organization?

  • Are you looking for decision makers within a company, or are you seeking a general audience? (That is, are you trying to sell into a company, or directly to people?)

  • Besides your main target industry, can you approach related industries, and if so, what are they?

  • Does the location of your potential contact matter? Does making the sale require an in-person visit (which means that the contact needs to live near you or you have to be willing to travel to this person)?

With your answers to these questions in mind, you’re ready to start searching LinkedIn for your leads.