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How to Use LinkedIn to Build Your Management Dream Team

By Joel Elad

When you’re looking for funding of any amount on LinkedIn, one of the top things any investor wants to see is your management team. No matter how great your idea is, it’s the execution of that idea that determines your success. Investors see one way to mitigate the risk of their investment by rewarding strong management teams that have the skill to weather unexpected turns.

If your management team is lacking in at least one key area, consider LinkedIn a source to find that missing person.

Here are some things to keep in mind when doing a search on LinkedIn for your next team member:

  • Experience is key. Although desire, motivation, and interest are important, the way to improve your chances of getting funding is to have experienced personnel. When searching for potential candidates, you should study each person’s profile to gauge her documented experience at past positions first; then see whether her interests match your company’s interests.

  • Pick complements, not carbon copies. It’s tempting for an entrepreneur to seek out like-minded individuals with similar backgrounds to build a business. However, companies with the strongest growth have diverse management teams that can handle different situations because the teams’ skills complement each other. Put your business needs ahead of your personal preference. Look for LinkedIn members whose profiles indicate strengths that aren’t yet represented in your start-up.

  • Gauge the strength of the candidate’s network. Any time you look to add someone to your organization, you should ask what value that person can bring through his existing network. When you connect with someone, see who is a part of his network, if possible. See what groups and affiliations, websites, and Q&A are on the candidate’s profile, because that indicates his overall reach into the greater network.