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How to Read Your LinkedIn Network Activity

By Joel Elad

One way to stay involved with your LinkedIn network is to keep up to date on how your first-degree connections are using LinkedIn. To that end, the Network Activity section (now called LinkedIn Pulse) summarizes all the activity within your immediate LinkedIn network.

Typically, your Network Activity section contains the most recent 25 items. If you’re looking at the Network Activity section of your LinkedIn home page, you can click the All Updates link (these words are a link) to filter your items.

You can pick a subcategory, such as Connections (to see who in your network has new connections), Shares (to see what your connections are sharing), Profiles (to see what profile updates your connections are making), Groups (to see group updates), Companies (to see updates from companies you’re following), Jobs (to see any updates or activities regarding your job search), or Your Updates (to see a list of the network updates).


Because you can customize the network updates you see in your section, you need to decide which of the following events are worth keeping track of:

  • Posts (status updates) shared from your first-degree connections

  • Job opportunities

  • Trending news

  • Profile updates your connections make to their profiles

  • New connections in your extended network (meaning any new connections your first-degree connections made)

  • Updates from your extended network

  • Updates from companies you are following

  • Updates from any LinkedIn applications

  • Groups that a first-degree connection of yours has joined

  • Discussions from any of your LinkedIn groups

As a default, each of these categories is set up to show in your Network Activity section, and 25 updates appear on your home page. To customize the criteria of your Network Activity section, just follow these steps:

  1. Hover your mouse over the All Updates link in the top-right corner of the LinkedIn Pulse section of your page, then click the Customize link.

    The Updates You See on Your Home Page pop-up window appears. By default, all the criteria shown on this page should be selected.

  2. To remove any criteria from the list, deselect the check box for that feature.

    Additionally, you can change the number of network updates displayed on your home page by picking a number from the drop-down list near the bottom. (The default is 25; you can choose between 10 and 25.)

  3. Click the Save Changes button.

    You’re taken back to the Account & Settings page.