How to Install the LinkedIn Internet Explorer Toolbar - dummies

How to Install the LinkedIn Internet Explorer Toolbar

Because you may find yourself going back and forth between LinkedIn and other websites, LinkedIn offers you a toolbar you can install that shows up as part of Internet Explorer and provides you with instant access to the LinkedIn website. The toolbar also offers integrated Internet Explorer functions that give you access to items such as profile information with the click of a mouse.

Get to the main LinkedIn Browser toolbar page by clicking the Browser Toolbar link from the Tools menu along the bottom of the LinkedIn home page.


LinkedIn offers two web browser toolbars. When you’re ready to install the Internet Explorer toolbar, just follow these steps:

  1. Log in to LinkedIn, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the Tools menu bar item. Then, from the Tools window, click the Browser Toolbar tab.

  2. Click the Download It Now button under the IE Toolbar header.

    A window opens, asking whether you want to run this installation file directly from the Internet or to save the installation file to your computer, where you can run it locally. Pick the option best for your computer and click the appropriate button.

    If you have a fast Internet connection, you can click Run to have the toolbar installed over your Internet connection. Otherwise, you might want to save the file to your computer and then run the file from your hard drive.


  3. When the LinkedIn Internet Explorer Toolbar Setup Wizard appears, click Next.

    Accept the License Agreement and then click Next.

  4. On the Choose Install Location screen that appears, click the Install button to accept the default and start the installation of the toolbar.

    You can also click the Browse button to pick another directory for the toolbar, but the default location should be fine.

    When the toolbar starts installing, you need to close all Internet Explorer windows. When you see the warning message from LinkedIn, click Yes, and the installation program will close all active windows for you.

  5. When a screen appears confirming that LinkedIn has installed the Internet Explorer Toolbar successfully, select the Launch Internet Explorer with LinkedIn Toolbar check box and then click Finish.


    A new Internet Explorer window opens containing the LinkedIn toolbar. Your Internet Explorer toolbar is installed and ready to be used!