How to Install the LinkedIn Firefox Toolbar - dummies

How to Install the LinkedIn Firefox Toolbar

If you use the Firefox web browser, LinkedIn offers you a toolbar you can install that shows up as part of your web browser and provides you with instant access to the LinkedIn website. The toolbar also offers integrated functions that give you access to items such as LinkedIn profile information with the click of a mouse.


To install the Firefox Companion toolbar, just follow these steps:

  1. Log in to LinkedIn, scroll to the bottom of the page, click the menu bar item labeled Tools. From the Tools window, click the Browser Toolbar tab.

  2. Click the Download It Now button under the Firefox Toolbar header.

    A window appears, asking whether it should install this software. Give Firefox your permission to install the toolbar.


  3. Click the Install Now button.

    LinkedIn installs the toolbar onto your computer, and you should see a confirmation message that the toolbar was installed successfully.

  4. Click the Restart Firefox button to close and restart your Web browser session.


    Anytime you need a LinkedIn function, just click the LinkedIn logo in the toolbar.