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How LinkedIn Helps You Find Answers to Your Questions

The goal of LinkedIn Answers is to allow professionals to exchange expertise. LinkedIn members have a lot of personal and professional experiences to share, so there’s no end to the questions you can pose. Plus, the LinkedIn Answers network makes it easy to organize and gather information.

LinkedIn organizes questions into the following categories:

  • Administration: You can post a question on LinkedIn and draw on expertise from company administrators, commercial real estate agents, and even customer service professionals.

  • Business Operations: From supply chain and inventory issues to manufacturing, packaging, and quality management concerns, this category is your area to ask operations-related questions and read questions from other like-minded professionals, whether it’s project management issues or something on your shop floor.

  • Business Travel: This category is dedicated to letting you ask all those questions about air travel, hotels, car rentals, and the different travel tools out there.

  • Career and Education: This category is dedicated to questions for everything from resume writing, professional networks, and job searches to getting certifications, licenses, coaching, freelancing, and contracting.

  • Conferences and Event Planning: This category is dedicated to questions regarding conference planning, conference venues, and event marketing and/or promotions.

  • Finance and Accounting: From Accounting 101 to Risk Management, anything you were afraid to ask your microeconomics professor is fair game here.

  • Financial Markets: This is a great place to ask questions about different markets like the bond markets, commodity markets, currency, derivatives, and, of course, equity markets.

  • Government: Unclear about government policy? Ask a question and see whether a fellow LinkedIn member has dealt with it or can point you to the person, document, or a website that can help.

  • Health: This area is more for questions regarding health administration, health care issues, public health and safety concerns, and even the work-life balance. You can also raise questions regarding environmental health issues.

  • Hiring and Human Resources: The world of human resources is full of staffing, recruiting, benefits rules and regulations, and policies, that are complex and always changing.

  • International: From customs to exporting to outsourcing, if you need to understand the ins and outs of international law you can get all the answers you need in this category.

  • Law and Legal: Whether it concerns corporate, tax, or employment/labor laws, see what fellow business owners or legal experts have to say about your legal question.

  • Management: This category has subsections devoted to labor relations, business analytics, and organizational development.

  • Marketing and Sales: From advertising to business development to writing and sales, you can pose your question to a potential pool of millions of eager networkers and gain insight, anecdotes, and some valuable advice from marketers, salespeople, and management who might not share the same product line, but probably have faced the same issues.

  • Non-Profit: This category is dedicated to answering your questions about topics like fundraising, managing a non-profit organization, and philanthropy as well as the growing area of social entrepreneurship.

  • Personal Finance: If you have a question about your bank account, your investments, or your retirement goals, you can pose a question here on anything from wealth management to debt management.

  • Product Management: This category is presented to a worldwide audience, and you can now benefit from the ideas, opinions, and perspectives of potential customers and business partners.

  • Professional Development: As you grow in your career, your success will partially be determined by the amount of lifetime learning and skills development you undergo as you do your job.

  • Startups and Small Businesses: Pose questions on a wide range of issues from your business plan and incorporation steps to everyday small business concerns.

  • Sustainability: This category is dedicated to handling questions regarding energy and development, green business, and green eco-friendly products.

  • Technology: You can post a question or share your knowledge about the newest, latest, and greatest software development techniques, Internet and e-commerce tips, blogging advice.

  • Using LinkedIn: Questions posted here are typically answered by established members who have clicked and connected their way around LinkedIn and can offer friendly guidance to those just starting out.