Creating a Powerful LinkedIn Summary - dummies

By Donna Serdula

Part of LinkedIn Profile Optimization For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The summary is one of the most challenging areas of the LinkedIn profile to write and it’s one of the most important. Here are some quick tips to help you create a LinkedIn summary that will get you noticed!

  1. Introduce yourself.
    Imagine you are at a luncheon. A person you do not know comes over and immediately begins to tell you about her accomplishments. How strange, right? That’s what a LinkedIn profile without a summary is like! Think of your LinkedIn summary as your digital introduction. Just like in the real world, the first natural thing to do is introduce yourself. In fact, when you introduce yourself, you don’t just stop at your name; rather, you tell a little bit more about who you are and how you affect others. This is also known as an “elevator pitch.”
  2. Tell your story.
    Your summary is where you tell your professional story. Think in terms of what your reader needs to know about you and weave it into a first-person narrative. People are moved by the reason you do something versus how you do it. Why do you do what you do? What is your professional passion? How do you help others? What results can a person expect when working with you? What differentiates you from others? By answering these questions, you will find that your summary will take shape.
  3. Include your achievements.
    Once your reader has a better idea of who you are and why you do what you do, it’s now okay to start talking accomplishments. Write about a high-level career achievement that positively affected your company, your customer, your team, or the bottom line.
  4. Include your contact information.
    At the end of your summary, include the best ways for a person to contact you, even if you are not directly connected on LinkedIn. (Remember, the contact information fields on LinkedIn are only visible to your first-degree connections.) You may provide your email address and/or your phone number.