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Connecting Your LinkedIn App Usage with Website Usage

By Joel Elad

After you’ve installed one or more of the LinkedIn mobile apps, and you start using the apps interchangeably with your desktop or laptop when you use LinkedIn, you should notice a synergy where all your actions are captured and available regardless of platform. Many of your actions are replicated or transmitted to your main LinkedIn account and will be reflected when you log onto the LinkedIn website with your PC or Mac:

  • Communication will show up in LinkedIn Messages, and you will see the same order of conversations on both the app and the website, where the most recent conversation is at the top of the screen.
  • Any profile updates you made with the app will be stored in the profile you see through the website and vice versa. Depending on your profile settings, your network will be notified of any profile changes you make on either the app or via the website.
  • Any interactions you have with LinkedIn members, whether you like or comment on someone’s update, participate in a Groups discussion, or accept or reject an invitation, will be the same whether you did it through the app or the website.
  • When you swiped stories from the mobile app news feed, those choices will be remembered when LinkedIn displays your home page news feed when you access the LinkedIn website on your PC or laptop.

Similar to the settings available from the LinkedIn website, you can update a number of your settings through the LinkedIn app by clicking the Me button, and then clicking the Settings icon (cog wheel) in the top right of that screen. Any settings updated with your mobile device will be reflected when you next log onto the desktop version of LinkedIn. Currently, only some settings are accessible through the app, and they are divided into three categories:

  • Account settings: You can update the list of email addresses on your account, add a phone number, change your password, sync your contacts, or review the active sessions you have where you’re logged onto LinkedIn from your various devices.
  • Privacy settings: From the app, you can choose whether your network gets notified when you make profile changes and you can choose who can follow you. You can change the setting where you are visible or private when viewing someone else’s profile and manage the list of who you’re blocking. You can change your advertising preferences and choose who can find your profile by typing in your phone number.
  • Communication settings: You can decide which, if any, mobile push notifications you receive from LinkedIn. This way, you can decide what you want the LinkedIn app to notify you about, which only works on a mobile device.