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Choose the Right Honors and Awards for Your LinkedIn Profile

By Donna Serdula

Before you start adding all these amazing honors and awards to your LinkedIn profile, you need to take a step back and decide what to add and what not to include.

Look over the list of honors and awards you compiled. Did you list things that occurred over 20 years ago? In the professional world, it’s all about what you did lately. With that said, once an Oscar winner, always an Oscar winner. The older awards that are for amazing accomplishments, you may decide to keep. However, if the accomplishments were great at the time but don’t point you in the direction of your desired career future or impress your greatness upon your target audience, ditch ’em!

Do you include your Eagle Scout award? Although this award is from childhood, it does showcase perseverance, so you might want to include it on your profile. Besides, there are a lot of former Boy Scouts in high places, and the Eagle Scout award impresses them.

Did you earn your black belt in Karate? You might decide to list it under Honors & Awards, especially if it is a recent achievement. However, you could instead add it to your Interests section of your LinkedIn profile. Ultimately it’s up to you, but always keep your target audience in mind and consider what they might deem as an impressive professional accomplishment.

Ultimately, it comes down to being smart. If you only have awards that are over five years old, include them. As you receive new awards, start deleting the older ones. Also, if you earned President’s Club or another top sales award five years in a row, you don’t need to list it five times. Condense it into one entry and state it is for multiple years.

Don’t go overboard. It’s better to have three to five high-level honors listed instead of 15 to 20 so-so awards.