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5 Tips to a Job Search Optimized Profile

Part of LinkedIn Profile Optimization For Dummies Cheat Sheet

When you are in the midst of a job search, it’s imperative your LinkedIn profile showcases you in the right light and makes a hiring manager, recruiter, or human resources professional want to reach out to learn more about you! Here are 5 tips to help make your profile stand out:

  1. Update your profile picture.
    Your profile picture is your face to the world. Make sure it is current and presents you looking friendly, warm, and well adjusted.
  2. Update your headline.
    Most likely your headline still lists your old position and old company. Time for an update! Start your headline with the title of the position you are targeting. Add a symbol, such as a solid circle or a star. Next, add some keywords that describe you, separating each keyword with the same symbol as earlier. Finally, end the headline with, “Looking for a new opportunity.”
  3. Infuse your profile with keywords.
    Recruiters, hiring managers, and human resource professionals query LinkedIn looking for talent. To be found, you need to determine what keywords a person looking for someone like you is using. The easiest way to find these keywords is to locate a job description of the job you are targeting. If the job description states the best candidate is good at strategic relationships, business development, and public speaking, make sure you use these terms to your Headline, Summary, Job Title, and Job Descriptions. It’s impossible to get found for keywords that are not in your profile!
  4. Write a compelling summary.
    The Summary is where you tell your professional story. Describe what you do and how it helps others, and write in the first person. Remember that job description from Tip 3? Make sure you incorporate the key terms that are important to your target position. You can include some key achievements from your previous company and how it positively affected your company, the customer, your team, or the bottom line. Finally, make sure you include your contact information. You want to make sure that if someone is interested, he can easily reach you even if you aren’t directly connected on LinkedIn.
  5. Showcase your experiences.
    It’s important to list at least three previous job experiences. If you are no longer working, add an end date to your last position. Within each experience, provide a summary of the company and in a sentence or two, describe your role and responsibilities. Next, highlight three to four top-level achievements. Before you hit save, include this sentence at the very end: “For a detailed list of accomplishments, please request a copy from me.” Don’t forget to add your email address and phone number!