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Telecom For Dummies Cheat Sheet

From Telecom For Dummies

By Stephen P. Olejniczak

Managing a telecom system means you keep track of a lot of information: information about your circuits, carriers, and your phone system and hardware. And, you’ll be called upon to do some troubleshooting as well, so it’s good to know what type of info to gather to help you tackle the problem.

Information to Record about Your Telecom Carriers

If you’re managing a telecom system, you have to keep track of a great deal of information, not the least of which is the local- and long-distance carriers you use. The following list shows you what to record about each type of telecom company:

Info on Long Distance Carrier Info on Local Carrier
Company Name Company Name
Account Number Account Number
Customer Service # PIC Freeze (Yes / No)
Cust Svc Escalation # Customer Service #
Provisioning Contact Provisioning Contact
Provisioning Phone # Provisioning Phone #
PIC Code Features
1010 + Dial around code
Date contract expires
Intrastate Rate
Interstate Rate

Information to Record about Your Telecom Circuits

Telecom systems run on circuits, so to manage your telecom systems effectively, you need to keep track of the circuits and on the toll-free numbers associated with them. The following list shows you what type of information to record:

Your Dedicated Circuit Toll-Free Information
Circuit ID(s) Toll-Free # Ring-to-Number
Circuit Type (T-1 or DS-3) DNIS Digits
Quantity of Circs ANI Delivery (Yes / No) ANI II (Yes / No)
Line Coding/Framing Overflow Routing (Yes / No) Time of Day Routing (Yes / No)
Outpulse Signal/Start Geo Routing (Yes / No) Payphone Block (Yes / No)
Trunk Group Config Quantity of 8XX
Date Circuit Installed RespOrg ID Code
Trunk Group Name

Information to Record about Your Phone System and Hardware

Working with telecommunications systems means knowing whom to call when your telecom system isn’t functioning properly. Keep the information in the following lists on hand so you can get in touch with the person you need if your PBX or other telecom system gets glitchy:

Your Phone System Hardware Vendor
PBX Make Company Name
PBX Model Contact Name
Software Rev Contact #
Channel Bank After Hours#

Information to Gather when Troubleshooting Telecom Systems

Every telecom system needs some troubleshooting now and again. If you’re the troubleshooter, make your life easier by gathering certain information on every telecom job you called to. The following list suggests info to gather and questions to ask for dealing with both switched and dedicated systems:

Switched Systems Dedicated Systems
Origination Phone Number Origination Phone Number
Termination Phone Number Termination Phone Number
Time & Date of Call Time & Date of Call
Call treatment·(Less than 24 hours old) Call treatment·(Less than 24 hours old)
1010+ Call made over your long-distance carrier Rebooted your hardware (Yes or No)?
1010+ Call made over another long-distance carrier Does issue also affect non-dedicated calls (Yes or No)?
700 Test results = 1-700-555-4141 Is the circuit released for testing (Yes or No)?
Time of Day Specific (Yes or No)? If no, when?
Geographic Specific (Yes or No)? If dedicated toll-free, do you have a loopback plug for testing
(Yes or No)?
If dedicated toll-free, is DNIS correct (Yes or No)?
If dedicated toll-free, is ANI Delivery requested (Yes or