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How to Use Other Kickstarter Campaign Budgets to Determine Your Budget

By Aimee Cebulski

You have entered as many possible expenses as you could think of and estimated their cost. This gave you a project estimate for your Kickstarter campaign. How do you know if this figure is realistic or completely off the mark?

There’s no exact way to know whether your budget is correct, but it’s important to examine other campaigns in your category at this point. The following steps walk you through the overall process:

  1. Go to Kickstarter.

    On the right, you see a list of all 13 possible project categories.

  2. Click the category you think your project will most likely fall under.

    This will help you to make an appropriate cost comparison.


  3. Click the option labeled See All (Number) (Category) Projects.

    All the projects in your category appear.


  4. Spend several minutes clicking through several of the projects in your intended category.

    Be sure to check out the Staff Picks, Most Popular, Most Funded, and Ending Soon categories within the overall category page. You need to scroll down to see the different ways projects are grouped within the category page.


  5. When you notice a project that’s similar to yours, note the funding goal. How much does that project’s goal differ from yours?

    If you see dramatic differences between your potential budget and others in your likely category, it doesn’t necessarily mean your budget is wrong, but it may mean you should re-evaluate some of your elements.

  6. Read these project descriptions to see whether a similar project mentions costs that you haven’t thought of yet.

    • If your estimate is noticeably lower than those of similar projects: Are you setting yourself up to fall short? Potentially you haven’t considered hidden costs, so look thoroughly at these campaigns to see whether something strikes you as a cost you haven’t identified.

    • If your funding goal is substantially higher than those of other projects in your category: Perhaps you’re being overly ambitious in your estimated number of backers or the number of units you might sell or produce. Examine these projects and check how many products they distributed, how many backers they actually received at each level, and so on.