How to Set up Your Kickstarter Account - dummies

How to Set up Your Kickstarter Account

By Aimee Cebulski

Before you can start filling out details about your campaign, you need to set up an account with Kickstarter. Simply follow these steps:

  1. On the top of the main Kickstarter page, locate and click the blue Start link.

    You’re taken to a brief video on how Kickstarter works.


  2. If you haven’t already, click Play in the middle of the video screen to review the introductory video.

  3. After watching the video, click the green Start Your Project button and click Continue to verify that you meet the eligibility requirements for Kickstarter.

    The requirements are listed on screen. On the resulting page is where you set up your user name and password, or login if you already have a Kickstarter account.

  4. Set up your user name and password or log in using an existing account.

    You can set up a user name and password unique to Kickstarter or log in with Facebook Connect.

    While setting up your Kickstarter campaign using Facebook Connect might save a few steps, you would be better off creating your own unique Kickstarter login and account. You will have the opportunity to link your individual campaign to your Facebook account later, so you can link it there if you choose to use Facebook to promote your campaign.

    Using Facebook Connect to set up your Kickstarter account means your Facebook account is linked to everything you do on Kickstarter, as opposed to being able to promote and link to a specific campaign. Kickstarter allows you to create multiple campaigns off of one login; you may not want to link every campaign to your Facebook page if you end up doing more than one Kickstarter project.

    • If you set up a user name and password unique to Kickstarter: Determine which e-mail address you’d like to use to manage your Kickstarter campaign and a public user name — Ideally your real name so friends, family and associates can search for you even if they don’t know the official name of your project.

      Set up a strong password by using a combination of letters and numbers that’s at least eight characters long, doesn’t form a natural word (especially not the word password), and doesn’t include numbers in sequence.

    • If you use Facebook Connect: Enter the same login information you use for your Facebook account. Kickstarter prompts you to set up a password that’s unique to your Kickstarter account.

    When you’re done, you move onto the guidelines page.

  5. If you haven’t already done so, read the entire Project Guidelines carefully.

    You want to review the prohibited uses to ensure you don’t spend time building a project that will not get approved. For example, fundraising for your favorite charity – or promoting a product that is so outrageous that it will likely never come to fruition – will probably be rejected.

  6. After you acknowledge the Project Guidelines as prompted, click Start Your Project again.

    Kickstarter directs you to your project dashboard that shows several steps to get your project profile up and running.

    The Guidelines tab on the left gives you quick access to the Kickstarter guidelines at any time. The Preview option at the far right enables you to see how your campaign will look to potential backers on the Kickstarter website after your campaign launches.

    Six tabs correlate to the various steps of setting up your campaign in Kickstarter:

    • Basics

    • Rewards

    • Story

    • About You

    • Account

    • Review

After you set up your account, you can login from the Kickstarter home page. Simply click Log In in the upper-right corner and follow the prompts.