How to Create a Compelling Call to Action for Your Kickstarter Campaign

By Aimee Cebulski

When you make the ask for backers’ support of your Kickstarter campaign, part of your ask needs to include a reason why the project should be completed. Beyond just your desire to make a funny cartoon or entertaining short film, there should be a reasoning behind your project.

Before you begin reaching out to backers, use the following process to create your compelling call to action:

  1. Write down your responses to the following three questions:

    • Why are you interested in your topic?

    • What are you hoping to accomplish or achieve?

    • Who would most benefit from your project?

  2. Examine the answers, and combine all three concepts into a single paragraph or even one sentence (if possible!).

    This is your compelling call to action.

    Your call to action should be at the very core of your request to potential backers. In the case of The Finding 40 Project on Kickstarter, the creator wanted backers to think about the concepts presented in The Finding 40 Project and encourage them to browse the stories and photos of women facing 40 worldwide. The call was, “Is age just a number? Hear their stories and find your 40!”