Ways to Use Salesforce Chatter Effectively - dummies

Ways to Use Salesforce Chatter Effectively

By Tom Wong, Liz Kao, Matt Kaufman

Chatter, when used correctly, works to eliminate all that information chaos by providing a central place where Salesforce users can put status updates, post and respond to questions, and see recent activity on records to easily collaborate in a private and secure environment.

Organizations possess huge amounts of varying types of knowledge: formal and informal, documented and verbal, current and outdated. Very rarely is knowledge shared in one centralized location. Even when a company is pretty diligent about communicating, the sheer volume of information and the speed with which current information gets outdated can be overwhelming.

Chatter bridges the gap between sharing useful information and information overload by allowing you to communicate quickly with colleagues as well as keep track of progress and updates on topics as they happen.

Here are a few ideas on how your company can benefit from Chatter if some people are reluctant to get onboard:

  • Help Sales sell smarter.

    • Follow key accounts and strategic opportunities.

    • Ask others for references to help you close a specific deal.

    • Create a group to team up to win against a competitor.

  • Market more effectively.

    • Get feedback on updated presentations and other marketing materials by attaching them to a status update.

    • Share noteworthy press mentions.

    • Follow leads to find out more about which types of prospects are converting.

  • Improve customer service.

    • Receive and provide help on cases.

    • Discuss potential work-arounds and technical solutions in a private group.

    • Collaborate on creating the most succinct answer to common customer issues.

  • Define a Chatter code of conduct.

    • If you have different generations of employees at your company, they’re going to react very differently to this tool.

    • Establish basic norms to ensure that this doesn’t turn into yet another medium to post cat photos.

  • Install Chatter Desktop or Chatter Mobile.

    • Get proactive alerts on your computer screen whenever someone or a record you’re following makes an update so that you’re never out of the loop.

  • Skim posts from your mobile device.