Salesforce: Understanding the Contact Record - dummies

Salesforce: Understanding the Contact Record

By Tom Wong, Liz Kao, Matt Kaufman

A contact record in Salesforce is the collection of fields that consists of the information about a person you do business with. Unlike a business card or a lead record in Salesforce, however, a contact is linked to an account.

Like other records, the contact record has two modes: an Edit mode, in which you can modify fields, and a Saved mode, in which you can view the fields and the contact’s related lists (which are located below the fields).

A contact record comes preconfigured with a standard set of fields commonly used for contact management. The exact number isn’t important because your company might add or subtract fields based on the way you want to track your contacts. Most of the standard fields are self-explanatory, but the following list highlights a few fields that are less obvious:

  • Contact Owner: This is the person in your organization who owns the contact. A contact has only one owner, although many users can still collaborate on a contact.

  • Reports To: This lookup field on the contact record allows you to organize your contacts hierarchically.

  • Lead Source: This drop-down list defines where you originated the contact.

  • Email Opt Out: This check box reminds you whether a contact should be e-mailed.

  • Do Not Call: This check box reminds you whether a contact can be called.

Privacy is a big issue with companies and the selling tactics they employ. Nothing damages a customer relationship more than a contact who’s contacted when he or she has asked not to be. To protect your contacts’ privacy, be diligent about the Email Opt Out and Do Not Call fields. Users in your company should always check the contact record before calling or marketing to a contact.