Salesforce: Track Leads with Related Lists - dummies

Salesforce: Track Leads with Related Lists

By Tom Wong, Liz Kao, Matt Kaufman

How can you remember all the interactions that took place with a lead on Salesforce? Related lists on a lead record can help you capture all that information so that it’s at your fingertips the next time you talk to a lead.

If you’re looking for typical ways that salespeople use lead-related lists on a lead record, read the following list for an example:

  • Log a Call: The next time you respond to a lead and want to record what you said, click the Log a Call button and enter the details.

  • New Task: You plan to call the lead back next Friday when you know that the gatekeeper is on vacation. Click New Task and set a tickler for yourself for Friday.

  • Send an Email: You get through to the lead, and he asks you to send him an introductory e-mail about your company. Click the Send an Email button to send and track the e-mail directly from Salesforce.

  • New Event: The lead agrees to a demo. Click New Event and schedule a meeting so that you don’t forget.