Salesforce: Set Up Social Accounts and Contacts - dummies

Salesforce: Set Up Social Accounts and Contacts

By Tom Wong, Liz Kao, Matt Kaufman

If researching a person’s or company’s background is a large part of your job, Salesforce saves you some mouse clicks by letting you quickly see the social profiles associated with accounts, contacts, leads, and person accounts right from that particular record.

To activate viewing of social accounts and contacts, do the following:

  1. From the My Settings page, click the Display & Layout heading.

    The Display & Layout section expands to show its subsections.

  2. Click the My Social Accounts and Contacts subsection.

    The My Social Accounts and Contacts detail page appears.

  3. Make sure that the Use Social Accounts and Contacts check box is selected.

    A list of social networks appears. If you have a LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook account, this will allow you to later sign in to those social networks from within Salesforce, to see profiles for the people and companies that you’re researching. (You don’t generally need a YouTube account.)

  4. Select any check boxes next to the social networks that you’d like to have enabled (see the figure).

    Don’t worry, the ability to see an account’s or contact’s social network information is only available to the individual Salesforce user who enables this for himself. Your colleague will need to enable this for herself, and have accounts to those social networks, if she wants to take advantage of this feature.


Also, after Social Accounts and Contacts is enabled, you’ll only be able to see as much as your account on that social network allows you to see, and what the person or company that you’re looking at wants you to see.