Salesforce: Roll Up Opportunity Data onto the Account Record - dummies

Salesforce: Roll Up Opportunity Data onto the Account Record

By Tom Wong, Liz Kao, Matt Kaufman

The opportunity record in Salesforce carries a great deal of quantifiable information about an account, such as how many licenses were sold, the amount of a deal, and so on.

By collecting and aggregating key opportunity field information onto an account record, a sales rep can quickly see how valuable a particular customer is by viewing the total number of licenses a customer currently has, how much total revenue a customer has closed with your company, and the highest deal closed with that customer, to name a few examples.

You can aggregate this summary information in two ways:

  • Run a report that summarizes this information for you.

  • Your Salesforce administrator can choose which opportunity fields you want to have summarized automatically on the account record.

To create a custom roll-up of your opportunity data onto the account record, choose Setup→Build→Customize→Accounts→Fields and follow these steps:

  1. In the Account Custom Fields and Relationships section, click the New button.

    The New Custom Field Wizard opens.

  2. Select the Roll-Up Summary radio button and click Next.

  3. Enter the name of what you’re summarizing in the Field Label field and click Next.

    The Field Name field automatically populates itself based on what you enter in the Field Label. In this example, I type Total Deals Closed and click the Next button.

  4. At the Define the Summary Calculation step, by the Summarized Object picklist, select Opportunities.

    Identifying the summarized object tells Salesforce which records from which objects you want to be combined and summarized onto the account record.

  5. Select the roll-up type from the selection of radio buttons in the Select Roll-Up Type section in the middle of the page. Click Next.

    This selection tells Salesforce how you want the field of your choice to be summarized. You can choose a count of records, the sum, the minimum value, or the maximum value. If you choose any of the latter three options, you also have to identify which field in the opportunity you want to be summarized by using the Field to Aggregate picklist to make their choice.

    You can filter out certain criteria in your result set.

    If you want to summarize only records that meet certain criteria, select the Only Records Meeting Certain Criteria Should Be Included in the Calculation radio button to reveal a set of filter criteria. For example, you may want a sum of all the Amount fields for opportunities in which the Closed status equals True. (The figure shows an example of defining the field calculation.)

    Defining an opportunity roll-up field calculation.
    Defining an opportunity roll-up field calculation.
  6. Select which profiles should be able to view the new field and click Next.

  7. Select on which page layout(s) the field should be displayed and click Save.