Salesforce: How to Configure Your Chatter Feeds

By Tom Wong, Liz Kao, Matt Kaufman

Before you can follow anything in Salesforce, your administrator needs to enable Chatter on certain objects. Objects, most simply explained, are types of records. They’re the nouns that are at the top of your Salesforce page (like Accounts) that you can click and that then look like a highlighted tab.

Your administrator and executive stakeholders should decide which objects to first turn on for following: typically, the one or two objects that your Salesforce users collaborate on the most, such as Opportunities.

After you determine which objects need to be followed, you can enable Chatter for those objects:

  1. Choose Setup→Customize→Chatter→Feed Tracking.

    The Feed Tracking page appears, as shown in the figure.

  2. Click the name of an object in the Object list on the left side.

    The Fields In page for that object appears.

  3. Select the Enable Feed Tracking check box.

  4. Select each check box for the fields that you want to track with Chatter.

    Select fields that others will want to be notified about when a change occurs to that field, for example, Areas of Interest, Next Step, Status, or Stage.

  5. Repeat for other objects and then click Save.

    Selecting fields on objects to follow in Chatter.
    Selecting fields on objects to follow in Chatter.