Salesforce: Customizing Account Fields - dummies

Salesforce: Customizing Account Fields

By Tom Wong, Liz Kao, Matt Kaufman

Using standard fields on a Salesforce account record gives you a simple way to collect basic profiles on companies. To get the most out of your account record, though, think about how you and your company define a target customer.

For example, if you’re selling corporate healthcare plans, you might want to know certain information about each of your target companies: number of employees, number of people insured, level of satisfaction, and so on.

If the fields on your account record can answer these four questions, that record has a solid foundation:

  • What attributes describe your target customer?

  • What are the important components of your account plan?

  • Is a company’s infrastructure important to what you sell?

  • What information, if you had it, would help you sell to a company?

If you find your account record lacking relevance to your business, write down fields that you want and then seek out your system administrator to add them to customize your account record. Bottom line: You can have greater success with accounts if you focus on your customer.

If you’re a sales rep, you can use Salesforce to manage your leads, accounts, contacts, and opportunities. Spend less time doing administrative work and more time focused on making money.