Salesforce: Build Parent/Child Relationships - dummies

Salesforce: Build Parent/Child Relationships

By Tom Wong, Liz Kao, Matt Kaufman

In Salesforce, you can link multiple offices of a company together by using the Parent Account field on an account record. And you can create multiple tiers to the hierarchy if your customer is organized that way.

If you sell into different locations or divisions of a company and you’re currently challenged by how to keep this information organized, use account hierarchies to solve your problem.

To establish parent/child relationships, follow these steps:

  1. Create accounts for the parent and subsidiary companies.

    You can skip this step if the accounts are already created. However, you might want to type a term such as Headquarters or HQ in the Account Site field to signify which account is the parent.

  2. Click the link in your Recent Items list in the left sidebar for the subsidiary account (a child account) that you want to link and then click Edit.

    The record appears in Edit mode.

  3. To the right of the Parent Account field, click the Lookup icon.

    A pop-up window appears, containing a Search field and a list of recently viewed accounts.

    If you see the parent account in the most-recently viewed results list, skip to Step 5.

  4. Search for the parent account by typing the name of the account in the Search field and then clicking Go.

  5. From the list of results, click the name of the company to select the parent account (as shown).

    The pop-up window closes, and your selection appears in the Parent Account field.


  6. (Optional) To further denote the child account, use the Account Site field.

    Some companies use city, state, country, division, and so on, depending on how they organize their accounts. For example, if Big Box Office Supplies, Inc., has locations in Dallas and Atlanta, you could type the city into the Account Site field for each child account so that you can tell which is which.

  7. Click Save.

    The Account detail page appears.

  8. To view the account hierarchy, click the View Hierarchy link to the right of the Account Name field on the record.

    An Account Hierarchy list page appears, and like other lists, you can click an item to go to a specific account.