Salesforce: Actions with Contact Related Lists - dummies

Salesforce: Actions with Contact Related Lists

By Tom Wong, Liz Kao, Matt Kaufman

Fields on a Salesforce contact record are useful for capturing the essential contact information for a person. But where do you track and review all the interactions that you’ve had with a contact? To add, edit, delete, and keep track of this detail, use the related lists located on the Contact detail page.

  • If you want to track, edit, or close your pending activities for a contact, use the Open Activities related list. In this list, you can click the New Task button to set up a to-do item or click the New Event button to schedule a calendared activity.

  • If you want to view what has happened with a contact to date, review the Activity History related list. Sales reps commonly use Log a Call to capture details for a call taking place or after the fact.

  • If you send HTML e-mail from Salesforce, you can use the HTML Email Status related list to see how your contact is responding to your e-mail. By using this list, you can send an e-mail, find out whether your contact is viewing your e-mail, and see how quickly he or she views a message after you send it.

  • If you want to store attachments that relate to a contact, use the Notes & Attachments related list. Click the Attach File button to store important documents, such as confidentiality agreements or contact resumes.

    Although you can click the New Note button to jot down your comments and even keep them private, try tracking your comments in tasks instead. Using tasks to track your activities allows better timestamping, editing, and reporting on your interactions with your contacts.

    If a contact brings you a new deal, you can click the New button on the Opportunities related list and automatically associate your contact with the opportunity record.

  • To keep track of or edit your contact’s participation in campaigns, use the Campaign History related list. And if you want a contact to be part of an active campaign, click the Add Campaign button. For example, if Marketing sends out invitations to a customer event, you can use the Add Campaign feature to efficiently add a contact to the list of recipients.