Persuading Your Customers to Buy More - dummies

Persuading Your Customers to Buy More

Your business can probably make additional sales to your current customers. Capturing additional sales for your business means you have to determine customer buying behavior and inventory your full product line. Additional items in your inventory may seem like a perfect fit.

  • Determine which products your customers are buying from your competitors rather than from your business. Evaluate reasons behind this uncaptured business.

  • Discover which products your customers aren’t buying from you or anyone else. Decide whether to drop certain products from your line or whether these products merit reintroduction via a new marketing investment.

  • Figure out the combinations of products that your customers tend to buy. If your best customers consistently purchase a certain combination of products from you, use this information to create added-value product packages that bundle the offerings along with a bonus product or a beneficial price.

    This approach gives your best customers additional value and may attract the interest of others like them.

  • Develop ways to lock in sales of products that your customers buy on a regular basis. Try to turn your repeat clients and purchasers into customers for life by seeking to automate the purchases they make from you on a frequent basis.

  • Offer an annual contract at a preferred rate. Your customer will benefit from preferential pricing while you benefit from assured business.

  • Sell a service contract at the time of equipment purchase, or bundle the price of the contract right into the purchase price. Your customer’s purchase gets consistent service, and you tie the customer to your business through frequent contact and a positive ongoing relationship.

  • Think of ways that you can establish an on-approval agreement with your best customers. You deliver new offerings on the condition that customers can return them (or you pick them up) if they aren’t wanted or needed.