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Keeping Everyone Informed with Posts

By Tom Wong, Liz Kao, Matt Kaufman

Part of what makes Salesforce’s Chatter work is letting your coworkers — even maybe your boss — know what you’re up to. In return, you can find out what they’re doing. Take a look at how to post as well as how to comment on others’ posts.

Posting a status in Chatter

Posts are what your followers see, and you can update these to let others know what you’re working on, to ask questions, or to share files or website links.

The inspiration comes from status updates on websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, that play an increasing role in people’s personal lives. If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, you’ll pick up Chatter in no time.

  1. Click the Chatter tab or the Home tab.

    Either option takes you to a page with a Chatter feed in it.

    If you’re at the home page, your Chatter feed must be showing. If it’s not, click the Show Feed link below your photo at the top of the page.

  2. Make a post in the What Are You Working On field near the top of the page.

  3. (Optional) Attach a file or a website link, or append a poll to your update by clicking the File, Link, or Poll icon, respectively, directly above the Status box.

    You might want to link to an interesting article that you read online or upload a file with a presentation you’re working on.

  4. Click the Share button to publish your update.

    Your post is published.

  5. (Optional) From the small drop-down list to the right of your post, select the Delete option to remove it.

    If you ever make a typo or post something embarrassing, you can always delete that entry and pretend like it never happened.

Commenting on posts in Chatter

When you’re following people, you start seeing their posts in your Chatter feed on the home page. Chatter allows you to add comments to posts, thus creating and managing multiple conversations in an organized fashion.

  1. Locate the post in the Chatter feed.

  2. Click the Comment link below the status.

  3. Type your comment in the indented field that appears below the post.

  4. Click the Comment button when you’re done writing.

    Your comment appears indented below the original update, as shown.

    Commenting on a status in Chatter.
    Commenting on a status in Chatter.