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Impressing Potential Customers on Your Business Web Site

To cyberspace customers, your Web site is your business. But you can’t be on your business’s Web site to personally welcome potential customers or to right wrongs if something goes awry. Instead, your Web site needs to do it all.

Here are some quick things to keep in mind as you develop an online presence that supports your business image:

  • Your Web site will rarely make a first impression for your business. With more than four billion Web pages and some 50 million Web sites out there, the chances of a customer randomly wandering onto your site are remote.

    Plan to lead people to your site through your ads and marketing materials, through online links to your site, and through efforts that maximize your site’s performance in search engines.

  • Your Web site can make a final impression for your business. If it crashes, is slow to load, or is too confusing to navigate, visitors won’t return.

  • People arriving at your site may not know where they are. They may arrive at an internal page of your site, so be sure that every page features your name or logo, along with a link to your home page.

  • Online customers are like any other customers. If you want your Web site to work for your business, make it part of your business. Integrate its look, content, and offerings with the rest of your marketing program, right down to the style of type you use, the kinds of messages you present, and the way you display your business name and logo. Many companies go to the extreme of making their Web site color scheme match that of their store.