How to View Chatter in Salesforce - dummies

By Tom Wong, Liz Kao, Matt Kaufman

After your administrator turns on Chatter, you’ll notice it at the top of your home page when you log in to Salesforce. As shown here, after you set up your profile, Chatter shows a photo of you, today’s date, and a feed of status updates from yourself and others that you’re following. All this occurs in the middle section of your home page.

Viewing your Chatter feed in Salesforce.
Viewing your Chatter feed in Salesforce.

The rest of your home page is still there. Your tasks, dashboard, and calendar have just moved down the screen. You can always click the Hide Feed link right below your top photo to, well, hide the Chatter feed.

The first thing you should do when starting Chatter is to update your profile. When you click your name anywhere in the Chatter feed or click My Profile below your name in the upper-right menu area, you’re taken to your My Profile page.

Your profile page is your work profile, displaying your profile picture, more information about yourself (your background, contact information, past roles, hobbies, and so on), a history of your status updates, coworkers who follow you, and the coworkers and Salesforce records that you follow.

Your profile is also what others see when they click your name, which means that profiles work like a company directory. Be sure that you don’t include any information that you don’t want everyone in your company to see.