How to Use Lead Views in Salesforce - dummies

How to Use Lead Views in Salesforce

By Tom Wong, Liz Kao, Matt Kaufman

When you have some leads in Salesforce, you want to organize them to make them productive. Salespeople often have a similar request: “I just want to see my data, and it needs to be the way that I want to look at it.” Just like Goldilocks, you want your leads to look just right.

When you select a view, you’re basically specifying criteria to limit the results that you get back. For example, if you’re one of many sales reps, you might not want to waste your time sifting through all your company’s leads; you want to see just the ones that you own. With Salesforce, you can do that in one click. On the Leads home page, Salesforce comes with four predefined views:

  • All Open Leads: Provides a list of all the lead records in which the Lead Status is still Open

  • My Unread Leads: Gives you a list of your leads that you haven’t yet viewed

  • Today’s Leads: Shows you only leads that were created today

  • Recently Viewed Leads: Allows you to look at a list of recently viewed leads

To try out a preset view, go to the Leads home page and follow these steps (as shown in this figure):

  1. Click the navigation arrow in the View drop-down list.

    The four options in the preceding bulleted list appear, maybe along with some other choices that have been created for you.

  2. Select one of the views.

    For example, if you select the My Unread Leads view, a list page appears, displaying any of your unread leads. From this list page, you can perform a variety of standard operations, including editing, deleting, and viewing a record.

    Previewing lead views on the Leads home page.
    Previewing lead views on the Leads home page.