How to Use Account List Views in Salesforce - dummies

How to Use Account List Views in Salesforce

By Tom Wong, Liz Kao, Matt Kaufman

An account list view is a list of accounts that match certain criteria. When you select a list view, you’re basically specifying criteria to limit the results that you get back. The advantage of selecting a list view versus searching is that you can use this list view over and over again. On the Accounts home page, Salesforce comes preset with several predefined views including

  • All Accounts: All the account records entered into Salesforce. Depending on how your company set up your security model, you might not see this view or its results.

  • My Accounts: Just your accounts.

  • New This Week: Accounts created this week that you have sharing rights to view.

  • Recently Viewed Accounts: Accounts that you recently viewed.

To try out a predefined view, follow these steps:

  1. On the Accounts home page, click the down arrow of the View drop-down list.

    You see the four options mentioned in the preceding bulleted list as well as other choices that might have been created for you.

    If your screen doesn’t change when you select an option from the View drop-down menu, click the Go button to update the page.

  2. Select the My Accounts view.

    If you’ve already entered or imported account records, a list page appears, showing accounts that you own. Salesforce lays out the list with six standard columns that correspond to commonly used account fields, plus an Action column from which you can quickly modify a record.

  3. Click a column header to sort the list page.

    For example, if you click the Billing State column header, the list page sorts by state in alphabetical order. Click the Billing State column header a second time to toggle the sort to reverse alphabetical order.

  4. Access any account by clicking its link in the Account Name column.

    The Account detail page appears.

  5. (Optional) To edit an account from a list view, click the Edit button on the same row as the account you selected in Step 4.

    The account record appears in Edit mode, allowing you to make changes to the data.

If you create an account in error, click the Del link on the row of the account to send the Account to the Recycle Bin.