How to Modify Salesforce Records - dummies

By Tom Wong, Liz Kao, Matt Kaufman

To cut down on the number of steps you have to take when you update records in Salesforce, you can edit fields directly in detail pages.

Make sure that your administrator has enabled this feature.

Follow these steps to edit a field directly in that web page, without having to go to another page. Salesforce calls this inline editing.

  1. Hover your mouse over any field on a record that you own (or have permission to edit).

    This figure shows the e-mail address of a contact within a company being updated.

    An icon appears to the right of a field, telling you whether you can edit that field:

    • Pencil: This icon appears to the right of editable fields, which become highlighted.

    • Padlock: This icon appears to the right of fields that you can’t edit.

    • None: You can edit a field that doesn’t have an icon, but not with the inline editing feature. You have to edit the record the old-fashioned way, using the Edit button.

  2. Double-click an editable field and update the information in that field.

  3. Press Enter to complete editing that field.

  4. After you finish editing all the fields you want for that record, click the Save button for the record.

    If you happen to delete information in a field that requires something in it, don’t worry. Salesforce has a couple stop-gap measures to prevent you from messing things up. An Undo arrow icon appears before you save the record, and Salesforce is smart enough to remind you about required fields before letting you save your changes.

    Editing a Salesforce field inline.
    Editing a Salesforce field inline.