How to Manage Your Salesforce Calendar - dummies

How to Manage Your Salesforce Calendar

By Tom Wong, Liz Kao, Matt Kaufman

Every time you log in to Salesforce, you begin at your home page. The look and feel of the elements on your home page are similar to other users’ home pages, but the tasks and events that appear in the body of the page are specific to you.

The calendar section of the home page defaults to a calendar of the current month and your scheduled events for the next seven days. Like other calendar tools, the calendar allows you to drill down. Your scheduled events are based on events that you assigned to yourself or that other users have assigned to you.


From this calendar section (shown in the figure), you can do the following:

  • Schedule a new activity: Click the New Event button, and a New Event page appears in Edit mode.

  • View an event record: If you see a listed event, click the link. A page appears with details on the activity.

  • Drill into your schedule: Click a date on the calendar to drill into your schedule for a specific day. The Day View page appears.

  • Schedule a group activity: Click the Multi User View icon (which looks like two little people). A page appears for the selected day that displays the availability of multiple users. From there, click the New Event button.