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How to Make Your Customers Loyal to Your Business

Customer loyalty is key to a strong business. To make all your business’s customers into loyal customers, first sort your current customers into the following three categories:

  • Satisfied customers: Find their relationship with your business acceptable. But they’re not amazed by their dealings with your business, and for that reason, they’re susceptible to better offers from competitors.

  • Dissatisfied customers: Believe that your business didn’t meet their value and service expectations. Perhaps they received outright poor service, or simply mediocre service.

    Once they’re dissatisfied, customers depart, usually without a word of complaint to your business. But they won’t remain silent. They’ll share their dissatisfaction with others.

  • Loyal customers: The only customers who are safe from defection. They reduce the cost side of your profit and loss statement while benefiting the revenue side by costing less and spending more than others who buy from your business.

Use this table to help you move as many satisfied and dissatisfied customers as possible to the invaluable loyal customer category.

Customer Loyalty Prescriptions
Customer Type Customer Mindset Service Prescription
Dissatisfied customer Service expectations have not been met. Establish rapport. Identify and address concerns. The damage
may be done, but try anyway.
Satisfied customer Satisfied customers are vulnerable customers. They find your
service acceptable, but they aren’t overwhelmed. They’ll
leave for a better price, offer, convenience, or recognition.
Treat them like VIPs. If they sense indifference, they’ll
slip out the door. Demonstrate appreciation. Do them favors. Offer
added value. Bend your rules. Anticipate their needs. Win their
Loyal customer Loyal customers are safe from defection so long as their
service expectations are met, and their expectations are
Treat them like your most valuable assets. Follow the
prescription for converting satisfied customers, but double the
dosage. Caution: Don’t take them for granted.
Don’t burden them with your problems or test their patience
while you court new customers.