How to Detail the Salesforce Record - dummies

How to Detail the Salesforce Record

By Tom Wong, Liz Kao, Matt Kaufman

After you create a record in Salesforce, the record appears on its own detail page (see this figure). You can use the detail page to update the record fields or manage and track activities and common operations on the related lists displayed below the record.

Here’s how to navigate the detail page.


Many of the features described here aren’t enabled by default. Have your administrator choose Setup→Build→Customize→User Interface to turn on many of these capabilities.

Save time with hover links

At the top of any record’s detail page is a row of several links. Each link corresponds to a list of other records related to the current one. The label for each link consists of the name of that type of record as well as the number that are related.

So when you’re looking at an Account detail page, instead of scrolling down the page to see whether any contacts exist, you can see how many exist right at the top. But wait, it gets better: You can click the link and immediately jump down to the bottom of the detail page to where that Related List is normally found.

And if you want to be even more efficient, instead of clicking the link, just hover your mouse over it. Salesforce will show you a preview of the related list that even includes buttons to create new records and clickable links to existing ones.

Use links and buttons on the detail page

At the top of any record’s detail page, you can use several links and buttons to perform different actions. Go to any detail page and try these out:

  • Toggle between list and details. At the upper left of the page, click the Back to List link. If you’ve been working from a list, that list page appears. Click the Back button on your browser to return to the detail page.

  • Edit a record. Click the Edit button to edit the record. The record appears in Edit mode. Click the Cancel button to return to the detail page.

  • Delete the current record. Click the Delete button to delete the current record that you’re viewing. Click the Cancel button in the pop-up window if you change your mind about the deletion.

  • Share the record with other users. Click the Sharing button. (This button doesn’t appear on all records.) Click the Back button within your browser to return to the detail page.

  • Quickly jump to the corresponding related list farther down the page. Click the related list “hover links” at the top of each detail page, if enabled by your administrator. Alternatively, hover your mouse over the link to open a snapshot of the records displayed in that related list.

  • View a printable version of the page in a new window. Click the Printable View link in the upper right, and then click the Print This Page link in the upper-right corner of the window to print a copy of the entire page. Many users like to print hard copies that they can review while traveling.