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How to Calculate Your Business’s Customer Satisfaction Level

Are your customers satisfied with your business? Customer satisfaction is often based on whether your business fulfills customer wants. Your business’s customers want you to meet their needs and exceed their expectations:

  • Value that exceeds the price paid

  • Clarity in the messages they receive

  • Their concerns addressed with sensitivity and efficiency

  • Their situation to be understood

  • To be greeted and served promptly

  • To feel important and valued

This table helps you analyze areas where customers might praise or fault your business. Use it to assess your business from your customer’s viewpoint. Then, look for up to five services you could offer to make your customers feel more appreciated by your business.

Customer Satisfaction Analysis
Customer Satisfaction Factor How We Rate on a 1–10 Scale
Clear, friendly communication from informed, courteous
Error-free correspondence, estimates, invoices
Prompt follow-up
Open to ideas, concerns, and complaints
Attention by owners/managers
Customized solutions for customer wants/needs
Flexible to special requests
Effective, prompt response to ideas and problems
Answers phones, mail, and e-mail promptly
Greets customers upon arrival
No unnecessary management layers
Expertise in customer’s field of interest
Experience with customer’s problems
Delivers high value
Convenient hours, toll-free phone line, good Web access
Good location, parking, access, services
Convenient payment/delivery options
Enjoyable, attractive atmosphere
Meets deadlines/exceeds promises
Delivers accurate, quality products
Stays within estimated costs
Attention by owners/principals
Good reputation/highly recommended