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Getting Customers to Come — And Enjoy Their First Visit

Give potential customers a reason to visit your business in person. To convince potential customers to visit your business, make impressions and cultivate interest well in advance of those potential customers even seeing your business:

  • Leading people to your business: Don’t expect people to find your business on their own. Instead, lead them to your door. Convey directions in ads, mailings, and other advance communications.

    When visitors arrive at your business, welcome them with a sign that presents your business name, along with instructions on how to reach your front door.

  • Parking: If people have to drive to your business, is it clear where they should park? If a parking fee is involved, do you have a validation program that customers know of in advance?

  • Nearing your front door: While a prospect approaches your entrance, does your business look open and inviting? Here’s a list of questions to consider:

    • Is your signage visible and professional?

    • Do signs and window displays clearly indicate what your business does?

    • Is the entrance easy to find?

    • Is your entryway signage welcoming?

    • If your business success relies on foot traffic, do your windows have show-stopping capacity?

  • The moment of arrival: Does your business convey the right attitude and make the right set of impressions? Consider the following:

    • Is your entry area impeccably clean?

    • Is it decorated to make a strong statement about the nature of your business, its customers, and its products?

    • Is there a clear “landing area” — a place where a visitor can pause upon entry and receive a good first impression?

    • Does your business offer an obvious greeting — either by a person or a welcoming display?

In designing your business environment, balance your operations and internal needs against the wants and needs of your most important asset: your customers.