Decide What Customer Data to Collect - dummies

Decide What Customer Data to Collect

By Jeff Sauro

Part of Customer Analytics For Dummies Cheat Sheet

It’s a good idea to understand the problems and opportunities for your customers. Collect data that falls into each of these categories to get a wide range of useful data when you apply customer analytics:

  • Descriptive: Descriptive data includes demographic data such as gender, age, geography, and income. It also includes self-described attitudes and preferences toward products, categories, and technology. You can collect this data from purchases, registrations, surveys, interviews, and contextual inquiries.

  • Behavioral: Behavioral data is the general pattern customers exhibit when using your products and services. It includes making purchases, registering, browsing, and using various devices for those actions.

  • Interaction: The interaction data includes the clicks, navigation paths, and browsing activities customers take on websites and software.

  • Attitudinal: Preference data, opinions, desirability, branding, and sentiments are usually captured in surveys, usability tests, and customer interviews.