Connecting Sales and Customer Service - dummies

Connecting Sales and Customer Service

Part of Customer Service For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Sales and service departments usually exist separately in companies, but from a customer service perspective the two are inseparable. So your customer believes you’re sincerely trying to serve them, employ these techniques:

  • Get the customer’s attention. It may be hard for you to believe, but your customers don’t always pay a whole lot of attention to what you say, so it’s a good idea to begin a sales conversation by saying something that grabs your customer’s attention.

  • Ask questions. Open-ended questions are the best for beginning a conversation and priming the pump for a productive interaction. When conversations wander off into unrelated waters you can lasso them back on track by asking closed-ended questions.

  • Make benefit statements. Don’t get too hung up with the features of your product or service because it’s the benefits that really have an impact on whether your customers buy.

  • Backtrack. This technique lets the customer know that you’ve heard what they’ve said and gives you the opportunity to make sure you’ve understood them correctly.

  • Bridge. Use this technique for politely steering the sales conversation in the direction you want it to go, while retaining good rapport. Bridging has three parts:

    • Wait for the customer to take a breath.

    • Show empathy.

    • Redirect the conversation.