Access Salesforce Information with the Sidebar - dummies

Access Salesforce Information with the Sidebar

By Tom Wong, Liz Kao, Matt Kaufman

The sidebar is the column on the left that appears on just about every page of Salesforce except for dashboards and reports. On the home page, use the sidebar to quickly go back to pages you recently accessed, stay informed about important company messages, click links to useful websites, and create new records.

Creating new records

Use the compact Create New picklist on the sidebar to quickly create any new record.

Revisiting recent items

The Recent Items section displays up to ten records that you most recently clicked. Use the list to quickly get back to records that you’ve been working on, even if you logged out and logged back in. The recent items show an icon and the name or number of the record.

These items include mostly the records that are organized under a tab heading, such as Accounts, Contacts, and so on. To visit the detail record of a recent item, simply click a listed link.

Getting more out of your home page sidebar

With the help of your administrator, you can offer other tools and information from the sidebar on the home page to improve productivity and drive overall adoption. Review the following tips, and consult with your administrator if some of these features could help your organization:

  • Update company messages: Your administrator can add messages to the home page to keep users informed of important announcements. For example, if you’re in sales management, you might want to use the home page to alert reps to end-of-quarter goals or bonus incentives.

  • Emphasize important custom links: If you rely on other websites to do your jobs, your administrator can help you post them for all your users or just ones that fit certain profiles. For example, if you have a company intranet, your company can add useful links to the home page sidebar so that you can quickly access information outside of Salesforce without ever leaving Salesforce.

If you’d rather not have the sidebar take up some of your browser window’s real estate, Salesforce allows you to hide and expand the sidebar when you want. Your administrator can set up this option by choosing Setup→Build→Customize→User Interface and selecting the Enable Collapsible Sidebar check box.