8 Tips for E-Mail Drip Nurturing Programs - dummies

8 Tips for E-Mail Drip Nurturing Programs

By Mathew Sweezey

Part of Marketing Automation For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Lead nurturing is not e-mail marketing as you know it. For those in marketing automation, it’s a whole new world that’s based on the same premise as one-to-one marketing and direct marketing. In fact, you can learn a lot about e-mail drip nurturing from direct-marketing pros like Drayton Bird or Zig Ziglar.

Use the following tips to create your nurturing programs faster and more effectively.

  • Keep it short. Keep every nurturing e-mail as short as possible. The goal of the e-mail is to drive an action. Reading the e-mail isn’t an action. You can’t sell something in your e-mail; instead, drive your e-mail readers to an action. You want to get people to click a link so that you can track them.

  • Use Rich Text Format (RTF). Rich text e-mails are e-mails that have very little HTML formatting. They are not plain text! Remember that marketers write HTML e-mails; when writing a one-to-one e-mail, use RTF.

  • *Place your call to action (CTA) strategically. Put your CTA near the start of the e-mail message, not near the end, and make it clear what people will get by clicking it. Don’t sell, but help.

  • Craft the subject line to match buyer’s stage. Your subject line should match the person’s buying stage. If the buyer is in stage 1, the subject line should be short.

  • Limit hyperlinks. Be mindful of how many hyperlinks you use in a nurturing e-mail. If you format in rich text and follow the preceding guidelines, your e-mail is likely to be very short; hence, it’s even more important to use as few hyperlinks as possible in your e-mail.

  • Be personable. Keep your tone as personable as possible. Refrain from using keywords, acronyms, and sales pitches. Remember that helping is the new selling.

  • Test, test, test. If you have an idea, you should test it first. Then, if it works, roll it out. Never just push a new idea to your full drip program without testing. This is a sure way to fail.

  • Establish a benchmark. You should have a benchmark to hit. Create this benchmark by looking at the average engagement of your drip nurturing programs. Consider whether this drip helps move people to the next stage in your marketing or creates more opportunities than another drip.