5 Tips for Scoring Leads in Marketing Automation - dummies

5 Tips for Scoring Leads in Marketing Automation

By Mathew Sweezey

Part of Marketing Automation For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Lead scoring represents one of the big advantages of marketing automation. Knowing when a person is sales-ready is key to making sure that you’re sending to the sales team only the correct leads at the correct time. The trick to lead scoring is knowing what an action really means.

Follow these simple tricks for effective lead scoring:

  • Keep it simple. Keep your lead scoring model simple as possible. Doing so makes it easy to manage.

  • Ask first. Before you create a lead score, consult everyone who makes contact with your leads. Get your team’s input on what actions and traits make a lead good.

  • Review. Arriving at a lead score is never a one-shot trick. Periodically review your scoring model. Things change, content loses its appeal over time, and you’ll miss out if you’re not reviewing on a regular basis. Once a quarter should be fine.

  • Guessing is okay. You might have to guess at a lead score if you don’t have enough data to make a well-informed decision. Guessing is fine at first. Just review and change as you get data.

  • * Score actions, not data. Remember to score people’s actions and weigh them much heavier than their data points. A lead’s job title won’t help you determine whether that lead is ready to buy, only whether you can sell to him or her.