10 Resources to Start in Customer Analytics - dummies

10 Resources to Start in Customer Analytics

By Jeff Sauro

Some great customer analytics resources are a click away on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. The following ten recommended super tools and websites will help you get a leg up on customer analytics:

  • MeasuringU Blog: You can find weekly updates and articles on topics such as analytics, customer experience, usability, statistics, and some practical tips for making the most of customer data.

  • Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative: The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania provides a good bridge between academia and applied customer analytics. The website and course provide detail into customer-level analysis in a wide range of industries, including interactive media, financial services, pharmaceuticals, telecom, and nonprofit.

  • Predictive Analytics For Dummies: If you’re looking to take the next step with customer analytics and make predictions, Predictive Analytics For Dummies is a good next step. Here you can learn more about the mechanics of detecting patterns and predicting future customer behavior.

  • SPSS: IBM acquired the popular Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) a few years ago. Its reach is well beyond the social sciences. It’s one of the most common packages used in graduate schools and now well beyond social sciences in businesses. Many statistics textbooks use it for examples. IBM itself also has information on customer analytics.

  • Tableau: The statistics package Tableau is a cloud Visualizations software package that’s easy to import data from Excel and from which to generate powerful analyses and dashboards.

  • R: The software package R is open source, free, and yet powerful enough to uncover patterns in larger datasets. Although R can be a bit tricky to learn, you can download RStudio, which adds an easier interface onto the power scripting programs.

  • SAS: Most experienced data miners and statisticians have cut their teeth with the Statistical Analysis System (SAS). Like R, SAS is a command-based analytics package that can analyze big and small data to uncover patterns and differences between customers. There is a large community around learning and applying SAS modules to your data.

  • McKinsey Survey of Executives: McKinsey & Company, the global managerial consulting firm, has an annual survey on using customer analytics to boost corporate performance. More than 400 executives were asked about customer analytics, its capabilities and challenges, trends and future investments, and its organization and governance.

  • UserZoom: The software company UserZoom provides an intuitive and flexible survey and customer experience measurement platform. It enables you to conduct surveys with logic and conditionals, tree tests, and card sorting, and record customers as they interact on a desktop or mobile website. The company hosts monthly webinars about using methods to measure the customer experience — with participation and guidance from leading professionals in the industry.

  • Survey Analytics: If you’re looking for an advanced survey platform that includes conjoint analysis, data visualizations, and other statistical techniques, Survey Analytics has a suite of offerings for enterprise clients.