Business Networking Opportunities in the U.K. - dummies

Business Networking Opportunities in the U.K.

By Stefan Thomas

Part of Business Networking For Dummies Cheat Sheet

A typical business networking event includes half an hour of open networking (meet and greet, chatting over coffee and biscuits), an introduction round where everyone gets to introduce themselves to the room, the 10-minute speaker slot where a member gets to talk about their business, and finally, a series of one-to-ones to enable attendees to get closer to the people they’ve identified as being most helpful to their business.

To help you find some business networking action near you, here’s a list of some regional and national organisations to check out:

  • 4Networking. The UK’s fastest-growing networking organisation, with over 5,000 breakfast, lunch and evening events every year in England, Scotland and Wales. 4Networking offers a unique Passport membership, meaning any member can attend any group, anywhere.

  • BNI. Organised into ‘Chapters’ around the UK, BNI exists on the principle that ‘givers gain’: the more you bring to the other members, the more you’ll get out of business networking.

  • NRG. Mainly lunchtime events for business owners and professionals with a focus on building long-term business relationships.

  • Athena. Female-only business networking groups across the UK, who meet over lunch.

  • KindredHQ. Informal networking and co-working for freelancers and independents.

  • The Federation of Small Businesses. The UK’s leading business organisation is mainly a support organisation for small businesses, and organises networking events regionally.

  • British Chambers of Commerce. A support network for local businesses, some of which organise networking events in their town.