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Business Plans Kit For Dummies 5th Edition Resource Center

This resource center is an addition to Business Plans Kit For Dummies, 5th Edition, with related forms you can find referenced in the book.  Follow along in the book to see how you can use these bonus materials in planning your business and to help you better understand the concepts and techniques from the book. You can navigate to your desired content by selecting individual download links below.

Please note that the downloads are in various formats, so be sure you have a compatible application to view the files.


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Chapter 1: Powering Up for Business Success

Major Components in a Typical Business Plan

Typical Business-Planning Situations

Business-Planning Wish List

Checklist Of Common Business Plan Audiences

Business Plan Target Audiences and Key Messages

Business Plan Time Frame Questionnaire

Business Plan Tracker


Chapter 2: Developing the Idea That Powers Your Plan

Great Business Idea Evaluation Form

Evaluating the Ideas Behind Successful Businesses Form

Business Challenges Questionnaire

Turning a Gig into a Business

Business Opportunity Evaluation Questionnaire

Business Opportunity Framework

New Product Innovation Checklist

Personal Strengths and Weaknesses Survey

Personal Strengths and Weaknesses Grid


Chapter 3: Defining Your Business Purpose and Structure

Basic Business Definition Framework

Comparing the Most Common Business Structures

Your Mission Statement Questionnaire

Your Mission Statement Framework

Examples of Real-World Mission Statements

Your Mission Statement

Values Questionnaire

Your Values Statement

Examples Of Real-World Vision Statements

Your Vision Statement

Goals And Objectives Flowchart

Goals and Objectives Based on ACES

Checklist of Common Business Goals

Your Major Business Goals


Chapter 4: Understanding Changing Conditions, Customers, and Competition

Industry Analysis Questionnaire

Barriers to Entry Checklist

Customer Profile Questionnaire

Customer Intelligence Checklist

Customer Snapshot

Ideal Customer Questionnaire

Distinguishing Traits of Ideal Customers

Basic Market Segmentation Framework

Channel Distribution Analysis

Market Segmentation Analysis

Business Customer Profile on Company

Your Biggest Competitors

Competitive Intelligence Checklist on Businesss

Potential Stealth Competitors’ Questionnaire

Competitor Tracking Form

Your Biggest Competitors and Their Likely Moves

Competitive Intelligence Worksheet on Company


Chapter 5: Charting Your Strategic Direction

Business Strengths and Weaknesses Survey

Business Strengths and Weaknesses Grid

Business Opportunities and Threats

Business SWOT Analysis Grid

Quick Financial Projection Worksheet

Freemium Business Model Considerations Checklist

Pricing Considerations Checklist

Business Model Questionnaire

Elements of Your Business Model: Worksheet

Resources for Growth Checklist

Planning for Growth Questionnaire

Checklist of Common Owner Exit Strategies


Chapter 6: Describing Your Business and Its Capabilities

Product-Service Description Checklist

Elevator Pitch-Planning Questionnaire

Writing Your Elevator Pitch

Operations Planning Survey (Location)

Operations Planning Survey (Equipment)

Operations Planning Survey (Labor)

Operations Planning Survey (Process)

Distribution and Delivery Survey

Management Team Member Profile


Chapter 7: Crafting Your Marketing Plan

Formula for a Positioning Statement

Six Brand Management Steps

Social Media Program Planning Checklist

Product Strategy Checklist

Distribution Strategy Checklist

Pricing Strategy Checklist

Promotion Strategy Worksheet

Customer Service Checklist


Chapter 8: Finding Your Funding

No files


Chapter 9: Tallying Your Financial Situation

Business Income Statement

Business Balance Sheet

Business Cash Flow Statement


Chapter 10: Planning for a One-Person Business

Is Self-Employment Right for You?

Tasks and Time Survey

Self-Employed Expense Checklist

Evaluating Your Home Office Options

Checklist of Business Networking Resources

Checklist of Ways to Promote Yourself and Your Business through Social Media Content

One-Person Business Checklist

Strengths and Weaknesses Checklist


Chapter 11: Planning for a Small Business

Start-Up Costs Worksheet for Small Business

Job Description Profile

Job Recruiting Checklist

Employee Retention Checklist

Tips on Promoting Teamwork


Chapter 12: Planning for a Virtual Business

Checklist of the Benefits of a Virtual Organization

Challenges of a Virtual Business Organization

Remote Employee Hiring Checklist

Job Description Worksheet


Chapter 13: Planning for an Established Business

Growth Strategies Worksheet

Checklist of Common Warning Signs

Selling Your Business Worksheet

Business Transferability: Assessing Your Sale-Readiness


Chapter 14: Planning for a Nonprofit Organization

Nonprofit Planning Worksheet

Examples of Real-World Nonprofit Mission Statements

Ideal Individual Donor Questionnaire

Checklist of Responsibilities for a Nonprofit Board

Checklist of Typical Grant Proposal Sections

Checklist of Nonprofit Marketing Strategies


Chapter 15: Planning in a Transformed World

Identifying Key Drivers of Change

New Technology Questionnaire

Managing Changing Customer Expectations Questionnaire

Adapting to Customer Demands and Desires


Chapter 16: Putting Your Plan Together

Business Plan Components Checklist

Business Plan Template

Master Plan Tracking Sheet

Business Plan Target Audience Guidelines

Working Draft Checklist


Chapter 17: Implementing Your Plan

Goals and Objectives Assignment Chart

Common Systems and Procedures Checklist

Checklist of Management and Leadership Traits

Employee Training Resource Checklist

Business Metrics Worksheet

Checklist for Managing Change


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