Working with Files Using Scrivener Keyboard Shortcuts - dummies

Working with Files Using Scrivener Keyboard Shortcuts

By Gwen Hernandez

Part of Scrivener For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The keyboard shortcuts in this table give you quick access to some of Scrivener’s most helpful functions for working with files. Press these button combinations to make file changes, instead of clicking buttons on the toolbar or choosing options from the Scrivener menus.

Scrivener File Controls
Command Mac Shortcut Windows Shortcut
Add a Text Document Command key+N Ctrl+N
Add a Folder Option+Command key+N Ctrl+Shift+N
Import Files Shift+Command key+I Ctrl+Shift+J
Export Files Shift+Command key+E Ctrl+Shift+X
Take Snapshot Command key+5 Ctrl+5
Take Snapshot with Title Shift+Command key+5 Ctrl+Shift+5
Merge Shift+Command key+M Ctrl+M
Split at Selection Command key+K Ctrl+K
Split with Selection as Title Option+Command key+K Ctrl+Shift+K