View Sets in QuarkXPress - dummies

By Jay J. Nelson

The View menu in QuarkXPress lets you show and hide many combinations of helpful indicators, such as guides, grids, invisible characters, rulers, and so on. When you discover a combination of View menu settings that works especially well for a particular task, you can save that combination as a view set.

To do that, first turn on only the view options that you want to store in that view set. Then choose View→View Sets→Save View Set As, and in the resulting dialog box, enter a name and optionally assign a key command.

The View menu settings that are remembered in a View Set are the following: Guides, Page Grids, Text Box Grids, Rulers, Ruler Direction, Visual Indicators, Invisibles, Trim View, and Hide Suppressed.

To switch to a view set, do one of the following things:

  • Choose View → View Sets→ name of view set.
  • Press the keyboard combination for the View Set.
  • Display the View Sets palette by choosing View→View Sets→Manage View Sets and then double-clicking the name of the View Set in the palette.

To manage your view sets, open the View Sets palette by choosing View→View Sets → Manage View Sets. You can then use the Edit, Apply, and Delete buttons at the top of this palette for the selected view set.

QuarkXPress includes three prebuilt view sets that help you get your work done:

  • Authoring View: Displays guides, invisibles, visual indicators, and rulers
  • Default: The set of view options that displays when you create your first layout after launching QuarkXPress for the first time
  • Output Preview: A preview of your layout.