Using Scrivener Keyboard Shortcuts for Formatting and Editing

By Gwen Hernandez

Part of Scrivener For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Work quickly when formatting or editing your documents in Scrivener by using the keyboard shortcuts in this table. Want to make some text bold without using the toolbar? Need to find something in the document? These shortcuts can get it done.

Scrivener Editing Controls
Command Mac Shortcut Windows Shortcut
Bold Command key+B Ctrl+B
Italic Command key+I Ctrl+I
Underline Command key+U Ctrl+U
Cut Command key+X Ctrl+X
Copy Command key+C Ctrl+C
Paste Command key+V Ctrl+V
Paste & Match Style Shift+Option+Command key+V Ctrl+Shift+V
Comment Shift+Command key+8 (not available)
Inline annotation Shift+Command key+A Ctrl+Shift+A
Footnote Option+Command key+8 (not available)
Inline Footnote Shift+Command key+F Ctrl+Shift+F
Document Find Command key+F Ctrl+F