Using Scrivener Interface Keyboard Shortcuts - dummies

Using Scrivener Interface Keyboard Shortcuts

By Gwen Hernandez

Part of Scrivener For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Keep your hands on the keyboard with these Scrivener keyboard shortcuts, all of which allow you to navigate the interface and access helpful project commands.

Scrivener Interface Controls
Command Mac Shortcut Windows Shortcut
Enter Composition Mode (Full Screen in Windows) Option+Command key+F F11
Scrivenings Mode/ Document View Command key+1 Ctrl+1
Corkboard View Command key+2 Ctrl+2
Outline View Command key+3 Ctrl+3
Script Mode – Screenplay Command key+8 Ctrl+4
Typewriter Scrolling Control+Command key+T Windows+Control+T
Show/Hide Binder Option+Command key+B Ctrl+Shift+B
Show/Hide Inspector Option+Command key+I Ctrl+Shift+I
Preferences/Options Command key+, (comma) F12
Show Project Keywords Shift+Option+Command key+H Ctrl+Shift+O
Meta-Data Settings Option+Command key+, (comma) Ctrl+Shift+M
Show Project Targets Shift+Command key+T Ctrl+, (comma)
Project Statistics Shift+Option+Command key+S Ctrl+. (period)
Text Statistics Shift+Command key+T Ctrl+/ (slash)
Save Command key+S Ctrl+S
Compile Option+Command key+E Ctrl+Shift+E