Peachtree Keyboard Shortcuts - dummies

By Elaine Marmel, Diane Koers

Part of Peachtree For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Peachtree speeds up your accounting tasks — and keyboard shortcuts speed up Peachtree. Get to know these Peachtree key combinations ( or keyboard shortcuts) and their functions to help you quickly and efficiently complete your business accounting.

Press This    To Do This
ALT+S Save the current record
CTRL+C Copy selected text to the Windows clipboard
CTRL+X Cut selected text to the Windows clipboard
CTRL+V Paste text from the Windows clipboard
CTRL+E Delete the current record
CTRL+F Display the Find Transactions window
CTRL+D Find Next
CTRL+N Create a new company
CTRL+O Open an existing company
CTRL+B Back up a company
CTRL+R Restore a company
CTRL+P Print the displayed report, invoice, quote, payment, and so
F1 Get help for the current window
CTRL+F6 Move to the next window
CTRL+F4 Close the current document window
ALT+F4 Close the application window