Navigating the Prezi Bubble Menu - dummies

Navigating the Prezi Bubble Menu

By Stephanie Diamond

Part of Prezi For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The main Prezi interface is called the Bubble Menu, which consists of five main items. Knowing how to navigate the Prezi Bubble Menu helps you to create exciting presentations. Once you start to use the menus, you’ll see how quickly you’re able to produce professional presentations. Here are the main Bubble items:

Use this bubble: To do this:
Write Type in text, add Web links, and access the Transformation Zebra that moves, resizes, and rotates content.
Insert Upload media files and add Shapes—an Arrow, Free-form line, or Highlighter.
Frame Add “containers” around content to group it. The available containers are Bracket, Circle, Rectangle, and Hidden.
Path Set up the navigation views one by one, capture a specific view within a Frame (container), or delete your entire path and start over.
Colors and Fonts Apply styles. Each style has fonts and color choices within them.